1. Introduction

This Handbook is to be read in conjunction with the Holland Park Hawks FC Constitution (hereafter known as ‘the club’).  In all instances where this a variance between the Handbook and the Constitution, the Constitution shall take precedence.

1.1 Club Mission Statement and Strategy

1.2 Rules and Regulations

The rules of football are determined by the sport’s governing body FIFA (International Federation of Association Football).  Australia sets broad rules for the way football is played in Australia, within the laws of the game.  These philosophies cascade down through Football Queensland which sets local rules of competition for both small-sided and competitive football.

Holland Park Hawks FC is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of its officials, members, players and supporters.  We are governed by the Code of Conduct and Regulations outlined by the FFA (The Football Federation of Australia).  Our intention is to present our club as a professional body dedicated to the enjoyment of football.

2. Club Structure

  • Refer to ‘contacts’ for more information with regards to the location, hours and email addresses of our club
  • Refer to ‘club history‘ for more information with regards to the origins, development and successes at our club
  • Refer to ‘club documents‘ for more information about the clubs constitution, club committee roles and volunteer roles

3. Competition Structure

The club provides playing opportunities for male/female players as follows:

3.1 Football Brisbane

3.2 Football Queensland

3.3 Queensland Masters Football

3.4 Girls Football

The club will endeavour, where possible to establish full girl’s teams in an effort to promote female football.  Due to numbers, this is not always possible.  It may be necessary to include the girls in an appropriate mixed boys & girls team.

4. Selection Processes

A strict and transparent selection process will be carried out for the recruitment of all coaching and club staff via the following processes:

4.1 Coach Selection

Player selection differs between competitive and small-sided teams.  Click on the links below for further details:

4.3 Competition Team Selection

4.4 Small Sided Team Selection

5.0 Duties and Responsibilities

Each member of the club has its own role to play to ensure the smooth and safe running of club operations.

5.1 Coaches

5.2 Managers

5.3 Parents/Guardians

6.0 Codes of Behaviour

6.1 Coaches

6.2 Ground Officials

6.3 Players

6.4 Spectators

7.0 Code of Practice

8.0 Player Participation Policy

9.0 Member Protection Policy

10.0 Other

10.1 Weather Protocol

10.2 First Aid Protocol

10.3 Refund Policy