The FQ Academy pathway is the beginning of the most advanced pathway offered at the football club. The FQ Academy aims to provide a clearer development pathway from community football to Australia’s national teams and professional leagues. 

The FQ Academy is designed to accelerate development of identified players between the ages of 9-12. In the SAP there is a heavy focus on developing the 4 core skills as per the FA Curriculum including: Ball Striking, First Touch, 1v1, and Running with the Ball. These core skills are viewed as the foundational skills of any footballer and the program aims to develop these skills in players and giving them the tools to transfer them into game like scenarios. 

Holland Park Hawks is one of the few clubs in the East Brisbane area which deliver this program. All U9 FQ Academy teams are regionalised, and our U10 – U12 FQ Academy program will compete in the FQ Academy League 2 South in 2023. All teams in the SAP at the football club are non-competitive and play in small-sided forms of the game. For U9s the standard format is 7-a-side on a quarter of a full field. U10-U12 players play 9-a-side play on a half-field. 

All coaches in our FQ Academy program have a minimum of a ‘C’ License. Learn more about our coaching staff below.

Whilst all our positions for our 2023 FQ Academy program have been filled for these teams, please email td@hphawksfc.com.au if you have any further questions or queries about the program. 

*Skills Acquisition Phase (SAP) is a phase of development for all players between the ages of 9-12 where the focus is to provide these players with a solid foundation of technical skill.