The U10-U12 Program is designed to elevate the coaching and support standards for young players aged 10 to 12, with a comprehensive focus on enhancing their skills, knowledge, and overall experience in the sport. This initiative is driven by four primary goals, aiming to create a more robust and impactful developmental pathway for players within this age group. 


  • Volunteer Coach appointed by the football club who will receive education from the football club.  
  • Players will follow a specific training syllabus with key learning outcomes as guided by the Junior Director.  
  • 2 nights per week training to prepare them for the game training phase.  
  • Junior Technical Director to contact the space once per month in season which equates to 4x across the season. 
  • 1x Game Day over an 18-week season usually occurring on a Saturday.  

In-Season Block: Tuesday April 16th 2024 – Saturday September 7th 2024.   

Age: For players who turn 10, 11 or 12 within the seasons calendar year. 

Cost:$593.00 for U10 and U11, for U12 $625

Training: Tuesday and Thursday 5:00pm – 6:00pm at Whites Hill College 

Uniform: Players are required to purchase a community playing shirt, red playing socks, and black shorts. 

Fixtures: Home and Away fixtures played throughout the season. MiniRoos competitions are regionalised meaning they will only travel within a certain radius to play other clubs. 

Playing Format: 

Number of Players: 9-a-side 

Field Dimensions: 70m long x 50m wide maximum, 65m long x 45m wide best practice, 60m long x 40m wide. 

Goal Size: 5m wide x 2m high 

Ball Size: Size 4 

Penalty area: 10m deep x 20m wide