Our canteen is run by Sports Club Catering

SCC staff and young Hawks FC players (and their family) man the canteen during season fixtures (Feb-Sep).  Hours are varied due to the nature of football fixture schedules and weather, which means not all shifts can be guaranteed.  If you would like to work in our canteen please contact SCC at hello@sportscc.com.au with your resume and contact details.  We especially support our young club members working in this space.

Our menu is also fixed by SCC.  We aim to offer good quality coffee and food at a reasonable price. Due to the nature of economics we offer a small, but varied menu and the canteen may be closed when the amount/timing of fixtures means it is not financially viable to open.  We promote our opening times each week so that both home and away players, supporters and officials are aware of our schedule.  We apologise if we are closed when you need us but note that shops are only a two min drive away at Camp Hill Marketplace.

We will vary our menu a little during the season and we will listen to feedback, but please note that running a club canteen is different to your local cafe and/or restaurant and we must be aware of fixture schedules, food waste, costs and storage constraints.  We aim to deliver coffee and food timely, but please be patient as our staff our often young and learning.  Please treat them with a smile and encourage them, but please feel free to contact Adam, SCC at hello@sportscc.com.au if you have any suggestions/feedback stating that you are writing about the Holland Park Hawks FC canteen.

We are pleased to have introduced QR code ordering at our canteen.  This means you can order your espresso on the way in and pick it up as you arrive, or order your senior game gourmet burger and collect it when it is ready – no queuing required!  QR codes are placed around the fields for ease of ordering.