Girls Development Program

August 31, 2023

Program Overview: In 2024, we are excited to reintroduce our girls’ development program. Tailored for girls aged 7-14, this enjoyable skills program offers a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to explore football for the first time or enhance their skill set during the off-season. The program will be led by ex professional players Matt Ridenton and Josh Brindell-South, making it an ideal choice for any girl aiming to elevate their abilities. 

4x 8-Week Season Blocks across the year.  

Block 1: Friday February 5th 2024 – Friday March 15th 2024. Catch Up Session: Friday 22nd March 2024.  

Venue: Whites Hill College 

Block 2: Friday April 20th 2024 – Friday June 7th2024. Catch Up Days: Friday 14th June 2024.  

Venue: Whites Hill College 

Block 3: Friday July 13th 2024 – Friday August 30th. Catch Up Days: Friday September 6th 2024.  

Venue: Whites Hill College 

Block 4: Friday September 27th 2024 – Friday November 15th 2024. Catch Up Days: Friday 22nd November 

Venue: TBC 

Time: 5:15pm – 6:15pm 

Registration Cost: TBC 

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