FQ Club Shield 2022

February 5, 2022

As you may be aware, each year our club is audited by Football Queensland to assess how we are developing as a club.  Although there remain improvements to be made as the system continues to develop, the aim of the assessment is to review our football program to ensure we deliver at a high level in the SAP (U9-U12 – renamed FQ Academy in 2022) and in the NPL Academy space (U13-U16, will be U13-U18 in 2022).

The assessment measures multiple factors including our technical session planning and delivery, coach accreditation, performance and development, player workload, attendance and performance, workshop delivery and attendance, training and game observation and financial and legal compliance.  FQ apply their own algorithm (which includes team results in the NPL space) to obtain a club rating.

We are proud to announce a rating of silver in both spaces for 2022.  Our objective is to achieve a gold FQ Academy (SAP) rating by 2023/24 and continue to improve our NPL Academy rating score year on year.  This will be achieved by increasing our focus on individual development plans for both players and coaches, expanding our program to include fitness programs, better workload tracking and competitiveness.  In 2022 we will be introducing the video analysis system, VEO (introduction delayed due to COVID supply issues) and working with our physio team on fitness and sports psychology.

Supplying the best program to our players comes at a cost.  Our club has gradually improved our program over the last 4 years whilst trying to keep costs as low as possible – not an easy task.  This will continue to be our preferred approach as far as possible.

It should be noted that the attitude of our players, coaches and families to their part in this program is also a major driver of our overall assessment and result.  Your focus, passion and drive will only serve to make us better.

This must also be balanced with the needs of our entire 850 club members.  We believe the continued improvement in our Academy program space (U9-U18) will reap benefits across the club as we also strengthen our wider junior program resulting in a stronger player base across the club all the way into our First Team.  Our Metro and O35/45 competitions allow all players to stay fit, healthy and engaged in our beloved sport and remain part of our community and we ask these players to take part in our referee and coaching opportunities to bring along the next generation.

We thank you all for choosing our club.  We encourage each and every one of you to ‘do your bit’, get involved and make a difference whether as a player, coach, manager, club volunteer or supporter.

NCDP is a program implemented to assess clubs on their legal, workplace health and safety and risk compliance.  Our club completed and submitted our assessment in February 2021.  Due to various commitments, this assessment has yet to be reviewed hence we are still awaiting our feedback and rating giving us an ‘NCDP in progress’ for 2022.