Whites Hill Reserve Parking Changes

March 18, 2022

Please note we are now a one-way system at Whites Hill Reserve. To keep traffic flowing please note the following;
  • Parking outside our club is extremely limited . There are 2 disabled spots outside the club house. There is NO LONGER ANY EXIT from our club car-park – do not enter unless you can see a free space.
  • Drop off Zone – follow the road around the clubhouse, there is a marked drop-off zone (near the canteen entry) but you MUST exit around the ring-road.
  • There are now car-parking spaces on both sides of the road next to field 1 all facing one way.
  • DO NOT PARK in yellow lined areas as they are for emergency access and drop-off only
  • There are over 100 carparks around the side of the cricket club (lit, safe pathway). Please drive around the ring-road and find a park near to our club on the left of the cricket field.
  • There are some spots on the exit road for parking. You MUST go around the ring-road to park here. DO NOT do 3-point turns or use our club carparks to turn around as this will cause severe congestion.
If we are all mindful of the one-way system and parking limitations near our club we will keep the traffic flowing.