Whites Hill College has requested that all players enter the training field via GATE 5 only.

Please look out for the red ‘Hawks’ banner on this entrance gate 5, off Winstanley Road.

For our convenience and safety, the College has installed floodlights on the Hall to guide you down to the fields once you enter through Gate 5.

Please DO NOT walk through the school’s regeneration area.  Bunting has been installed around this area to prevent damage to the new plantings and prevent injury in the dark as there are wooden stakes throughout this garden.  Please walk down to the fields via Gate 5.

We would also ask that all rubbish (plastic drinks bottles, snacks and the like) are placed in the bin provided.  If there is no bin on site please take your rubbish home with you at the end of your training session.

We thank you for your understanding.