Dear All

We trust this new website will provide you all with an easy to read and easy to navigate portal for all Club matters going forward.

We strongly recommend that you open our website regularly to keep up to date with the goings-on at the club.

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As you are aware, the last 6 months has seen some significant changes at our Club including:

  • The establishment of a second club ground at Whites Hill College
  • The hiring of our new Technical and Operations Director, Joe Fenech
  • Acceptance into the Queensland Premier League (QPL) for U13 to Seniors, Brisbane Women’s Premier League (BWPL) for Seniors and the Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) for U9-U12 boys
  • Taking over the operations of our Canteen facility
  • The creation of a new Club logo
  • The creation of a new Uniform design
  • The replacement of the Club’s entire Executive Committee

All of these events give us an opportunity to make a change but they also provide us with some significant challenges notably:

  • Meeting the new Football Licence requirements both on and off the field
  • Providing good quality canteen facilities at both Whites Hill Reserve and Whites Hill College
  • Providing logistical solutions for both Whites Hill Reserve and Whites Hill College
  • Maintaining and improving our Club community ethos and focus

These challenges can be overcome but they also provide financial and management strain on our club.  To this end, your new Executive Committee has made decisions to help in the short-term and plan for the long term.  This includes:


  • Maintaining and providing basic repairs to the current main field fencing whilst improving our sponsorship advertising surround
  • Moving the scoreboard in line with licence requirements
  • Fixing the main field’s lighting, within budget, to meet licence requirements
  • Repairing, moving and levelling our current grandstand seating
  • Cleaning up the canteen, refurbishing where possible and providing a basic, but clean and tasty offering
  • Clearing out, cleaning, painting and making good our current clubhouse facility
  • Restricting the new uniform roll-out to the QPL, SAP and BWPL teams in 2018
  • Ensuring we control expenses tightly on a ‘must have’ or ‘need to have’ procedure.  ‘Nice to haves’ might have to wait a little longer.
  • The implementation of a new finance system for easier budget and cash-flow management and to meet corporate governance requirements

Longer Term

We are looking to various parties for assistance:

  • Government Grants to sporting clubs and associations for ground/facility improvement
  • Community Grants for facility/corporate governance/planning improvements
  • Increasing our Sponsorship base at all levels:
    Sponsor Information

We need your help

As we finalise our canteen offering and put together a calendar of Fundraising Events we will need your help to get things moving.

Please take a look at our Volunteers Page and sign-up now:

Visit the Volunteering page

We look forward to working with you over the season to continue to grow our club and create a healthy, happy and connected group of players and families.

Kind Regards

Your Executive Committee