Please be assured that cancellations will be kept to a minimum. 

With over 850 players/70 teams in the club it is impossible for the Club to contact individual parents, please do not expect us to do so.

We all have to accept that the weather is unpredictable. We are aware that some players travel long distances to be at our club (thank you) and that parents are often working and have to arrange alternative care, or advise other parties, if training is cancelled.  We will try our very best to inform you of cancellations as early as we can.

The best advice is DO NOT LEAVE HOME without checking Facebook, our website or TeamApp if it has been raining.


Notifications of cancellations will be POSTED ON OUR WEBSITE/FACEBOOK AND TEAM APP




The Field Status on our website will show ‘closed’ :

Please ensure that YOU – as Coach, as Manager, as Parent or as Player – visit the website and/or your Team App BEFORE you leave home to ensure that the fields are open especially when the skies darken or rain is/has been falling.


Check Facebook, our website or TeamApp then contact your team’s manager or coach if you are still unsure



(as far as is possible under the circumstances)



We will monitor BOM throughout the day.

A decision will be made at NOON on the day of training and notifications issued on facebook, the website (fields will be marked as ‘closed’) and via TeamApp (please ensure you have access).

Obviously, weather is unpredictable.  We may be able to call training off earlier if it has been raining hard all night, but it might only start raining at noon and only becomes apparent at 3pm that training cannot go ahead.


When a storm warning is issued by the Bureau of Meteorology which looks to affect our fields, the Club will cancel all training for the evening.

Unfortunately, this may result in the cancellation of training for ‘no reason’ should the storm not eventuate or move around us, but we, the Club have to make the call in an appropriate time-frame to ensure that all our players remain safe and avoid travelling to our fields in inclement weather.

The nature of storms means that we may have to cancel training last minute.  Please ensure that you check Facebook, our website or TeamApp before you leave for training if there has been storm activity in the area.


Sometimes, a BOM warning is issued 30 minutes or less before a training session.  In this event, we will still follow the protocol above. However, a Club Representative will also call the Coaches directly advising them of the late cancellation to ensure the message is filtered down to the Managers who can use SMS text or call parents if necessary.



QPL/SAP Games – cancellations will be advised by noon the day before the game

Football Brisbane Games – cancellations will be advised the evening before the game

In-House games
games before 9am – cancellations will be advised the evening before the game
games after 9am – cancellations will be advised by 7AM on the day of the game

NOTE: if the weather turns on us after these times and no cancellation notice has been issued, the accepted football protocol is to assume the game is taking place, turn up as planned and the appointed referees will make the decision as to whether it is safe to play.


Please ensure that YOU – as Coach, as Manager, as Parent or as Player – visit the following link before all games to ensure the ground you are travelling to is open:



Primarily for safety but also for field preservation.  Our fields are precious and damage to them (especially early in the season) can have detrimental effects on safety/playing surface all season.  Please click on the below for more information:

Why Do We Close Our Fields?

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

You can also follow the Bureau of Meteorology Website by clicking on the following link:

or by downloading their App:

Safety and Duty of Care

Having said all of the above, ultimately it is YOUR decision to decide whether it is safe to travel during a storm.

If you are unsure and you can see a storm out of your window, or on BOM, but the field status on the website remains open please do not leave home.  Notify your Manager that the player will not attend training.

Please note that the club is responsible for a duty of care of minors (U18) during the advertised times of training and game fixtures.  Outside of these times the duty of care of minors is the responsibility of the parents/guardians of the child.

The Club will obtain emergency contact details for all players to ensure that someone can be contacted in the event of an emergency but we would ask that we can use these numbers for genuine emergencies and not for calling parents/guardians who have forgotten to collect their child on time!

Hot Weather Protocol

It is not very often that training or games are cancelled due to the heat however with some games being played in summer there is always a possibility that it becomes too dangerous to play.

Football Brisbane issued a ‘Beat the Heat’ Factsheet and an ‘Extreme Weather Policy’ on 2nd March 2018 to provide guidelines to Clubs in the event of high heat and humidity.  See below for more information.

Extreme Weather Policy FB

BEAT THE HEAT – Fact Sheet

Have Your Say

If you have any feedback/ideas with regards to our Wet Weather Protocol please contact us at: