I understand that outside of advertised training, clinic, and fixture times the duty of care of my child is my responsibility.

The club will ensure that all measures are taken to communicate cancellations in a timely manner.

It is my duty to read and understand the Club’s Wet Weather Policy and ensure that I have viewed the Club’s Website, Facebook, or Team App to ensure that training and/or games have not been cancelled 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

In the event of an accident or illness taking place at training or in a game without my child’s parent/guardian being present, a club representative may obtain and administer any medical assistance or treatment my child may reasonably require including calling emergency services. A club representative will contact the main parent and/or the emergency contact number to discuss measures to be taken immediately it is safe to do so.


I understand that it is my responsibility to read and familiarise myself with the Holland Park Hawks Football Club handbook. By submitting my registration, or that of my child/charge, I agree that I have read this handbook.


I understand it is not Holland Park Hawks FC role to become involved in disputes between parents/carers about the payment of fees. Payment arrangements are a matter for parents/carers to settle between themselves.

Holland Park Hawks FC will not enter contacting parents/carers to organise alternative payment arrangements, it is for the parents/carers to ensure the payment process is followed in the interests of the player. Holland Park Hawks FC is not able to enter part payment or 50/50 invoicing arrangements. Payments are to be made as registered/requested. It is the responsibility of the parents/carers to arrange reimbursement from any other parents/carers.

I agree to make payments by the due dates, and I understand that any failure to make payments by these dates may result in debt recovery action being undertaken including, where warranted, referral to an external debt collection agency at my expense. I understand that I, or my child, will not be permitted to participate in the football season if my payment arrangement falls into arrears.


I consent to my child being photographed and/or visual images of my child being taken during training sessions, game days, clinics and other club related events without acknowledgement and without being entitled to any remuneration or compensation. I agree for my child’s image being published in the Club’s newsletter and social media.


I confirm that I have read the Club’s Code of Conduct and will always abide by this.