I would like to thank all the players, the coaching staff, the Committee and of course the parents for the support that they have afforded me throughout the season. I very much hope that I have met expectations. That said, when better is possible good is not enough, and I will continue to work to further enhance my efforts.

As I reviewed the 2018 season it became evident that as a club we are heading in the right direction. I am thrilled at the way our coaches have gone about their task which is to adhere to the FFA National curriculum and the clubs playing philosophy.

Their work with our players has been exceptional and their efforts will ensure that as a club we continue to develop players. I feel confident in saying that the Hawks are well placed to produce top class players who will play at the highest level soon. As members of an FQPL club we ought to be proud when players and coaches move onto bigger and better things because the betterment of players and coaches is a much bigger measure of success than any trophy laden cabinet.

We need to continue to develop players and coaches for the next level by giving them an environment that will allow them to flourish both on and off the field. The FFA National curriculum and our club processes and procedures provide our players and coaches opportunities.

My approach with coaches throughout the season was to guide and advise without being too intrusive. I would like to think that this approach has made coaches much more comfortable in going about their tasks. I felt that quality was far better than quantity in terms of supervision and I would like to think that coaches have appreciated the controlled freedom.

In my many years of coaching I have learnt that football fans often measure success by the amount of silverware in a club’s trophy cabinet. This may be the case for professional clubs but even then, the emphasis is always on development and preparing player for senior competitive football.

Our club is only in its infancy but already I have identified players who will be challenging for State representation in 2019. My focus as Technical Director will be to ensure that every player is exposed to an opportunity to become the very best that they can be.

The SAP program is the foundation of future success at the club and the efforts of our coaches in that program have already started to reap rewards. I am excited by the technical abilities that players coming out of this program are displaying. I will be introducing a similar program for girls in 2019.

One area that I have been most impressed with is the goalkeeping coaching. All too often goalkeepers are left to their own devices and are simply used as target practice for strikers. At the Hawks we are fortunate to have a goalkeeping coach who is passionate about the delivery of training sessions with a purpose. The improvement in our goalkeepers throughout the season has been evident and I am committed to throwing more resources to this area in the coming seasons.

Female football is another area where I think we can further enhance opportunities for players within our immediate area. Our U-13 Div 1 and U-15 Div 1 squads continue to improve and I am very much looking forward to watching both these squads develop in 2019.

Our senior squads in both women and men continue to field very young players and I see this as an opportunity for youngsters to gain experience. I am a firm believer in giving youth opportunities at senior level and this is evident by the number of U-18 players who made their debut at senior level this season. I am proud of the fact that we are well ahead of other clubs when it comes to having the courage to play youngsters in the first team as we prepare them for the future. Our coaches are very special people who believe in our club philosophy and can see past the weekly results. I commend them for their persistence and continued selflessness.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the parents, many of whom also volunteer their time to make the club function. It is often said that parents in their efforts to bring the very best out of their offspring unwittingly push them to a stage where kids opt out of playing the game altogether. I have found that the Hawks parents in general have a very good understanding of what their kids’ coaches are working on and it has been an absolute pleasure observing parents applauding actions other than goals throughout a game. Thank you for your continued support of football. I urge one and all to continue to promote the game and the Hawks at every opportunity.

Please remember that it is not what the club can do for you, its what YOU can do for the club.


Joe Fenech

Technical Director

HP Hawks FC

“When better is possible… Good is not enough”