The Hawks Team App provides real-time team information direct to your phone or computer and a one-stop shop for everything to do with Holland Park Hawks FC and your immediate team.

Team App provides a rich source of information –  everything from scheduling to player profiles, all in your pocket.  

Our dedicated club volunteers have created a standard version for you to use. 

  1. Download TeamApp on your chosen device
  2. If you are new to TeamApp you will need to sign-up
  3. If you have a log-in to TeamApp log in with your details
  4. Search for and/or select ‘Holland Park Hawks Official’
  5. Request to become a member

You will have a base level of information immediately available to you.  Your team can then choose to customise further or add more information as it suits you.


Please note that Team App is not designed to air any grievances or inappropriate behaviour.  Any such behaviour will result in that person’s removal from the platform.