The Advantages of TeamApp
It is a one-stop shop for everything to do with your team.  All the set-up work has been done for your team.  What you do with it is entirely up to you.  You can post team photos, update live scores for your game, communicate the availability of your child, see your team’s fixtures, etc.
Some of the features (e.g. fixtures) will be updated as the season formally starts.
Instructions for Parents
  1. If you have not downloaded the TeamApp, download from the Apple or Google store for your mobile device or you can access on a desktop from
  2. Go into the TeamApp mobile app or desktop website
  3. Using the search button (magnify glass – top left-hand corner) search for Holland Park Hawks 2019 and join the club
  4. Tap on the top of the new screen, you will be asked to select your child’s “team” and the “players and family” group 
  5. You are then asked to detail which child you are responsible for and that’s it.  You have joined your team.
Parents will now receive information that is only relevant to their team.
Instructions for Managers
Complete the process above, but in step 4, in addition to the “team”, “player and family” group, request to join the “manager” group.
Upon approval of your request, you will be given restricted admin rights for your team’s group.  This will allow you to upload additional information to the group (e.g. fruit rosters, parent details, etc).