Season 2022 Ground Closures

May 24, 2022

2022 has most certainly proved to be another challenging year.  COVID continued to impact team competitions in February/March and our fields seem to have been closed more than they have been open with many training sessions and games cancelled or postponed.  We may not have suffered the significant flood damage other clubs faced earlier this year,  but the weather has remained a major issue for us with 1479.40mm of rain falling on our fields in the 3 months to May 2022, against an average of 568mm.

As at Tuesday 24 May our fields look more like rice-paddies than football fields and with the unprecedented scenario of more rainfall forecast for this week and beyond, saturated water tables and a heavy, slow-draining sub-soil the chance of mowing and line-marking our fields is proving to be a more a hope than a possibility, but we remain hopeful.

We do not like to close our fields – we do not like the extra work this creates for our staff and coaches, we do not like the frustration this causes our players and families, we do not like the impact this has on our canteen and we simply want to get out there and play football.

Rest assured the team and our groundsmen are doing the best we can to get on the park at the earliest opportunity and we thank you for your patience.

Stay tuned to our social media, Team App and website for updates.

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