Rules for U6 – U12

Here are quick one-page rules for U6-U12 age groups:  Playing Formats. 

Expectations of our inhouse referees

Prior to Games:  Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the game.  Make sure you know what field you are on, that the goals are set up, you have sunscreen on (available at the club), you have had a toilet break and enough water to get you through to half time.

What to Wear please wear black shorts, black shirt and black socks.  Football boots may be worn but are not required.

Introduce yourself to the coaches or managers.  Take note of the team name and what color they are wearing so you can call ‘Corner Kick Red Stars’ for example.

During the game:

Timing – Please use a stop watch or watch rather than a phone. Using phones may appear as though you are uninterested in the game.

Notepad-  – Notepad/pen may be handy to write down team names/colours/any issues that need addressing/end of match results if need be.  Match results are not required to be turned in for U8 – U11.  It is a good idea to keep track in case the team asks at the end, but there is no need to provide results to the club.  For U12 and older games, the managers should provide you with a matchsheet.  You will be required to record all goals, the number of the scorer, and any red/yellow cards delivered.  At the end of the match, sign the bottom and provide each managers their signed copies back.

Whistles- Please provide your own whistle.  Whistles are blown to start the game, kick offs after a goal, and for fouls.  They should not be blown for out of bounds, goal kicks or corner kicks.  We do have spares in the office if you need.

Arm Signals- Make sure your arm signals are clear.  When a ball goes out, a straight arm pointing to the direction that the team throwing the ball is going.  When it’s a goal kick, a straight arm pointing to the goal area.  When it’s a corner, a high straight arm pointing to the corner from where the corner should be taken.

Goal Kicks – remember the ball needs to be stationary when a goal kick is taken.  If not, blow your whistle and ask the player to take the kick again.  Also remember that the ball must leave the penalty area to restart from a goal kick.  If not, blow your whistle and ask the player to take the kick again.

Throw Ins- Make sure both feet have contact with the ground and the ball goes behind the head.

Okay to teach- Particularly for the younger ages, feel free to explain your calls so the players can learn the game.

Look engaged- A referee should be in proximity of play, should be engaged and have his/her full attention on the play at all times.  Look interested!

Spectator or Coach behaviour- Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and you will be supported by the club in the event you feel threatened.  If at any point during a game, if you are uncomfortable, blow your whistle loudly for 3 seconds and a ground official will come straight to your field to address any immediate concerns.  That ground official should approach the relevant adult and ask them to stop their behaviour and if not, leave the playing area.  The game will not commence until the adult’s behaviour improves.  It is not up to a junior referee to have to deal with an adult.

If you have concerns that can be addressed after the game, please email the and we will address them.