In 2018, Football Queensland introduced a new second-tier competition beneath the National Premier League (NPL) Queensland competition, the QPL (Queensland Premier League) which played in seasons 2018 and 2019.  The results of the senior teams determined the relegation and promotion of all teams within a club.  Holland Park Hawks FC formed part of the FQPL competition in the 2018 and 2019 seasons for both seniors and juniors.

In August 2019, Football Queensland announced that junior teams are to be de-coupled from the senior teams from 2020 to allow for junior teams to be rewarded based on their own results rather than that of the senior team.  This de-coupling is ultimately aimed at strengthening the development of youth players and playing ‘best vs best’ and ‘like vs like’.

In October 2019, Football Queensland released the three-phase approach to the new leagues in 2020 which are to be named ‘NPL Academy’ and ‘NPL Development’:

A Technical Working Group was created to determine the best way forward for this change.  Whilst a selection of clubs form part of this group, Technical Directors of all NPL League Clubs have an opportunity to give regular feedback and input into the competition.

The final details of this competition are yet to be determined and will be announced as and when decisions are made.

Please refer to Football Queensland’s website for more information:

The Senior’s competition (U18s/U20s/First Team) is expected to be retained as “FQPL” (Queensland Premier League) in 2020.

Team Selection

Selection for teams in the National Premier League follow a specific process which can be found in Section 4 of the Club Handbook ‘Competition Team Selection Process’.

Selection is based on a strict criteria. Letters of Offer are issued in late September to current players and Expressions of Interest are sought from external players in August-early October.  Invitations to trial will be offered to successful EOI players only.

Holland Park Hawks FC does not hold open trials for National Premier League selection.

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