I Am, You Are, We Are “The Club”

The Club’s Executive Committee is undertaking a comprehensive review of our current organisation.  As part of this review, we would like to offer the position of MPIO (Member Protection Information Officer) to one of our members.

This is a volunteer role.  It is a position which is an extremely important addition to our team but not one which should be in any way onerous in terms of the hours/work required once the initial learning/input has been carried out.

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

What is an MPIO?

  1. Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) are people trained to be the first point of contact within the club for any person concerned about the well-being of themselves or other members
  2. MPIOs provide confidential, impartial and timely information and support
  3. They provide information about the local complaint resolution options available to address the individual’s concerns
  4. They do not mediate or investigate complaints
  5. They ensure policies are put in place by the club that focus on member protection and make certain they are being implemented
  6. They help ensure our club is safe, fair and inclusive.

An MPIO needs to be a good listener, stay calm and remain impartial.

An MPIO has to gather all the facts, obtain clarification where needed and provide all parties will information about possible courses of action.

The role would particularly suit those with police, law or counselling backgrounds but is open to all members who would like to learn more about the role and become more involved with the protection and support of our members.

For more information see www.playbytherules.net.au (search MPIO for all resources) or see the course link below:


We would love to have you on board.  Please contact secretary@hphawksfc.com.au to express your interest.

Our club can only succeed with an active and participating membership.