Experienced, FFA trained coach


$740 which includes 2 nights training and a new breathable, SPF 50 rated, Kappa supplied 2019 playing jersey


Refer to the Whites Hill College Training Schedule for more details:


The success or failure of all football teams relies on the attendance of players for both training sessions and game days.  We would ask that you DO NOT register to play in these teams if you are unable to fully commit to your team and coach for 2 training sessions per week and one game fixture.

If you choose to register to play in this team we would ask that you make yourselves available for all training and games and that you commit to your teammates as a priority.  Frequent absences from training and games not only disadvantages your team/team-mates development and enjoyment but it can also mean that a team cannot be fielded on game-days.

All players are paying fees to play so we would ask that all players are mindful and respectful of this.

Coaches take the time to plan training sessions around a full team and frequent absences by players leads to a lack of team cohesion and development.

If you are aware that you will not be available for a period throughout the season you are urged to discuss this with your coach prior to accepting this position.

If you are unable to attend training or a game we would ask that you advise your manager and coach as soon as you are aware that you will not be able to attend.  There are a limited number of players in a team and last minute notifications, especially on game days can result in short player numbers and may result in a forfeit.