Hi Everyone

I trust you’re all well and safe albeit a bit frustrated with the isolation and limited opportunities for exercise and sport.  There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel with restrictions being watered down in some areas.  No doubt organised sport is also gearing up for a return in the hopefully near distant future.  That said if anyone thinks we’re simply going to pull on the boots, don the club colours and we’re straight back into playing you’ll be sadly mistaken.

This is now an opportunity for players (of all levels, ages, and abilities) to commence some preparations to get your body ‘Game-Ready’, with some “HOME TRAINING”.  Whether that be in your own backyard, room, pool, or down at the local park,  it’s time to get your body “moving” and activated.  Self-training (and good eating) during the downtime ensures that you can come back fit and strong which helps reduce the possibility of injuries which will prevent you from playing and training.  It is proven that it is best to sustain a continual level of fitness than a rollercoaster of doing nothing followed by intensity as this puts too much stress on the body.

So we would ask that, if you haven’t already, you start making an effort NOW, to get yourself prepared for a training/playing comeback before it’s too late to do anything about it.  We know that many of you have been working hard on your fitness during the downtime and we applaud you for this, you can start to intensify your workouts gradually over the coming weeks.

Whether it be some skills and drills, swimming, pushbike riding, spin bike, treadmill or going for a run it’s imperative that everyone who is intending to get back on the park for football gets some PREPARATORY work under their belt, to enable your body to cope with heavier workloads when we’re back on the park and to reduce the incidence of soft tissue injuries.

We’ll also be preparing a specific Home Training Program for FQPL/NPL Youth players in the coming weeks, but please don’t wait for this to be your first and only guide to commence your own training.

Whilst everyone has their own way of preparing to train physically the following clips are for you to challenge yourself technically, find some of them that suits your ability level, and get cracking.

Happy to have you post videos of how you’re going and will post them online on the club’s Facebook page and Team App.

So whether your one of our MiniRoo kids, or an NPL Youth Player, you’ll find some of the following training ideas helpful in getting you started, and no doubt with the available resources online I’m sure you’ll find other things that will stimulate your abilities and physical conditioning.

Feel free to send me any online resources you find useful and I’ll include it into the library of the club’s Youtube page.

Also if you find something that’s ‘measurable’ ie: Number of ball juggles, the speed at which something is performed, number of times you hit a target, send them to me and you can challenge your mates to see who the real ‘Champions’ are.

Football Queensland Home Training Ideas

Also for the players wanting to develop some touch and conditioning get stuck into these routines:
10 Minute Home Workout

20 Minute Home Workout

1000 Touch Workout

How To Train Without Any Equipment (Just a Ball)

Don’t forget, send me your video clips (footballdirector@hphawksfc.com.au) and show your teammates how hard you are working, improving and getting ready to play again.

Mark Boyd
Football Director – Holland Park Hawks FC