I Am, You Are, We Are “The Club”

Why get involved?

We have numerous volunteer roles at the club from the formal (refer to the Club Handbook Section 2) to the informal (helping in the canteen, on photo day, at “our club” day, painting, uniform sales, etc.).

You do not need to have any specific experience for most club volunteer roles and we will ensure you are supported throughout.

As well as helping to reduce costs and keep fees low (see below) getting involved allows you to be part of the success of the club.  Don’t simply stand on the sidelines, become part of the solution:  I Am, You Are, We Are “The Club”.

Let’s get our youth off the sofa, off their phones and game consoles and into the real world.  Becoming a volunteer helps them to;

  • Gain skills that are transferable to a workplace including confidence, teamwork, communication, responsibility
  • Provides them with great experience and is a good addition to their Resume, it allows them to ‘stand out from the crowd’
  • Provides them with networking opportunities and access to new and varied people, young and old
  • Provides them with personal satisfaction by assisting and making a difference

Volunteers also have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of our community worldwide, which allows society to thrive due to the assistance of young volunteers.  From volunteering, the community will also gain a generation of young people who care about where they live and are willing to make a commitment to improving society and for us, youth volunteer coaches and referees become an integral part of the future of our club.

Why embrace volunteering?

Holland Park Hawks Football Club is one of the largest football clubs in Queensland.  Although having 800 registered players from U5s to Over 35’s sounds like we should be financially comfortable we find that things are not that straight forward.  Unlike other sporting codes, our club does not receive funds from national or state football associations, large alumni sponsorship or from in-club gambling revenue.

  • We are a self-funded club. 
  • We rely on the registration fees of our members, local sponsorship and fundraising to provide revenue.
  • We are a not for profit club. 

We do not pay our senior team game fees (although we do subsidise their registration fees) and we do not pay our Committee Members (or subsidise their children’s registration fees) – all revenue is used to cover the costs of running the club.

Where possible, we obtain Government and Community Benefit Fund grants for capital works improvements however, these grants usually require at least a 20% to be funded by the club directly.  Expenses are increasing all the time whether they be for field maintenance, electricity costs, staff, repairs and maintenance, insurance, water, canteen or many other football specific costs including referee payments, coach payments, association payments, and competition levies.

Asking you, our members, to volunteer helps keep our costs lower than they would otherwise be which in turn helps keep the fees lower than they might be.  Volunteering also takes the pressure off our very small staff base and regular volunteers when it comes to organising and running events.

Low costs = lower fees for all

Don’t be scared, we don’t bite and we would really appreciate any time you can give us (however small).

Contact us at office@hphawksfc.com.au to see how you can help.

If you would like to spend some time in the canteen, please contact Jen directly at canteen@hphawksfc.com.au.   Most volunteers will be put on service but if you are a keen cook or barista please let Jen know.