As a self-funded club The Holland Park Hawks rely on:

  • the annual fees paid by players
  • Government and Community Benefit Capital Works Grants
  • sponsorship and
  • fundraising

to raise the revenue required to maximise participation at the club via lower fees and to sustain and build a stronger club into the future.

2018 Events

We are currently putting together a calendar of events for 2018.

Our first Event will take place on Muster Day 3rd/4th March 2018.  Please keep an eye out for further information or visit our event page.

Your help please

We have created an online volunteering system to help organise manpower for our events.  Emails will be issued and the website will be updated when we need volunteers for fundraising specifically or for other jobs at the club.

If you have any great ideas or would like to offer your help at one of our events in the meantime please let us know via: