The Holland Park Boot Stall

Have your little football stars grown out of their boots?

Do they need a second pair to cope with all that training?

Don’t pay shop prices before you see our great range of boots for sale (most are priced from $5-$20).

We have a range of sizes to fit those fast-growing feet and all monies go towards a good cause – The Holland Park Hawks “Our Club” Day rides and services

 Boot Stalls are held on main club event days including;

  • Muster Day (March)
  • One Club Day (September)
  • …and on other dates to be advised.

The Boot Stall stand is located in the Clubhouse on a permanent basis along with our donation box – open office hours and on game days.

Please feel free to pop in, take a look and try on our boots (just remember to put them back neatly please).

If you would like to purchase the boots please place your cash in the envelope provided and hand into the office, canteen or the uniform stall (if open).  Card sales can be made through the canteen, office and/or uniform stall.

We are in high demand and are always running low in stock so please bring in your old boots as we need more boots in all sizes.  We would appreciate it if you can help us by ensuring they are in good condition (you would be happy to wear them) and free of dirt and mud (we find a wet wipe or wet cloth makes them look brand new again).  A swift spray of Glen20 or a stint in the sunshine would be appreciated too!

Thanks so much for your support.  Pass on the word to your friends.  The more boots we can keep out of landfill the better.  We also take futsal boots.

If you have any questions please contact;