As some of you may know, the Hawks FC Canteen has been undergoing a dramatic transformation in the past few months.  It is coming together nicely and we are looking forward to the new season with a new look and a new menu!

We are looking for confident, friendly and calm staff to help us run our canteen this year.  No experience is required although cash & food handling skills and team leadership would be an advantage.  All positions are paid and casual.

We welcome applications from our members, parents and siblings. 

The following positions are available:

over 18
with great communication skills, work ethic and community spirit.

This position can be taken by 1-3 applicants depending on what days/hours suit ensuring that the canteen is run effectively when required.

Indicative opening hours are:

  1. Friday nights for games (6pm until 10pm)
  2. Saturdays 8am until the final game finishes (sometimes 1pm, sometimes 10pm!)
  3. Sunday mornings and/or afternoons (anytime from 7am – 5pm)
  4. and some Monday/Tuesday night games (7pm-10pm)
  5. the odd clinic and/or event day

These times flex each week dependant on home and away game fixtures.  Applicants must be flexible.

Team Leaders would be expected to open, run and close the canteen.  They will manage a small team of staff and volunteers throughout the day.  They will be trained in basic first aid and food handling safety.  All staff would be expected to obtain an RSA (responsible service of alcohol certificate – $20).

over 14 years of age
hard worker – confident and able

Duties include:

  1. Barista – learning to use and serve various types of coffee
  2. Service – taking orders, controlling orders, taking cash
  3. Cooking – hot plate and hot chip cooking in the kitchen, making sandwiches/wraps/burgers etc..
  4. Cleaning – ensuring the canteen and club facilities are spotless at all times
  5. Set-up and pack-down of tables and chairs
  6. Working alongside volunteers

Staff will work as a team with all duties being covered by all staff during a shift.

Breaks and refreshments are provided.

Please contact if you would like to apply by Monday 4th February 2019. 

Please include your resume/previous work experience, if available, and the times/days you would prefer to work.

We will contact you once we have had a chance to review all applications.

We will also be opening a roster for volunteers again this season – stay tuned as to how you can help your club.