Dear FQPL and SAP players and families

Please see the attached memo and calendar just issued by Football Queensland for 2019, for your information (see columns FQPL, Junior FQPL and SAP Boys).  Click on the links below:

2019 FQ Competitions Calendar

FQ 2019 Season Calendar Memo

Please note that this IS NOT a fixture list but allows you to see when the season is expected to start and conclude and when holidays are planned.

The attached memo provides a little more information from Football Queensland that may be of interest.

In summary:

  • FQPL (U18, U20, Senior Men) competition starts March 2/3 2019

  • Junior FQPL (U13-U16) competition starts on Feb 2/3 2019 

  • SAP (U9-U12) starts on March 2/3 2019

NOTE:  This information does not take into account the FQPL Kappa Silver Boot Competition taking place in January 2019 or any pre-season friendly fixtures for FQPL (junior/senior) and/or SAP teams that may take place in January or February 2019.  Teams will be informed of these fixtures separately.  Obviously, rain-delayed games are not included and catch-up fixtures for these games are dealt with during the season.

As you can imagine, fixtures take some time to put together.  Football Queensland will notify us in due course and Managers/Coaches/Teams will be notified directly as soon as we receive the final schedule.

This does not refer to the Football Brisbane 2019 Season.