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Please find a link to the 2019 Football Brisbane Competition Rules (in full), U12 and above age groups, for your information:

2019 FB Competition Rules

NB: Refer to Section 3.3 for match duration


As a Home Team, we have certain responsibilities we have to carry out on game day.

Below is an extract with regards to the rules for game day match officials.

Team Managers and Coaches are responsible for ensuring that these rules are followed on the day.;

9.5 Ground Officials & Team Marshals

  1. It is the responsibility of the home club to provide sufficient Ground Officials who must be in clearly identifiable uniform and must identify themselves to the appointed Match Official prior to the match.
  2. Ground Officials are to be visible at all times and must be designated to provide an escort to all match officials before kick-off, at half time and full time.
  3. A Ground Official cannot be the Coach or Manager whose game is in progress on the park, nor can the Ground Official be the Canteen Supervisor.

Junior Competitions

It is the responsibility of both participating teams to supply a team marshal who is responsible for ensuring the behaviour of their respective supporters is acceptable, and in accordance with the FFA Spectator Code of Conduct.


Managers/Coaches please note that our Ground Official vests are kept in the Referees Room.


The Ground Official must:

Before the Match

  • Check the Referees’ room and make sure it is clean and comfortable.
  • Upon arrival of the Referees, make known to them that you are the Ground Official in case they need assistance.
  • If an official Referee is not present, ensure that a Referee is arranged either by the Club or by consent of the two teams playing.
  • Check that an alternate strip is available if required.
  • Ensure that three (3) appropriate match balls are available for the Referee.
  • Escort the Referee and Assistant Referees to the field of play.

During the Match

  • Ensure that the spectators’ behaviour is orderly and is not abusive to the Referee or his Assistants,players or other spectators.
  • Direct and assist any ambulance if called to attend a player or any other person.
  • Escort the Referee and Assistant Referees to and from the field of play at the half-time break.
  • Be of assistance wherever possible.

After the Match

  • Ensure the Referees’ safety at all times.
  • Ensure that both teams leave the grounds in a proper and orderly manner.
  • Escort the Referee and Assistant Referees from the field of play.


  1. Football Brisbane referee nominations are usually made by Wednesday night. NOTE;
    • Football Brisbane nominates referees for U12+ age groups only.
    • U8 to U11 age group games are run by our in-house referees where possible, or by a parent.
    • We not supply referees for U6 and U7 games, coaches usually run these games.
  2. On Thursday morning we, the home club, are able to see what games have FB referees in place and which games do not.
  3. If no referee is nominated by FB we will open up the game slots to our in-house referees.
  4. Sometimes our in-house referees are unavailable and we are unable to appoint a match official.
  5. In this case, we have to ask our parents to familiarise themselves with the rules and appoint an official for the game (see rule below – all junior games must be played regardless).
  6. Our Office Manager will advise teams of this situation in advance of the game

11.1 Non-Attendance of Match Official

  1. Should the appointed Referee fail to honour their appointment, then the next most senior Match Official will be appointed to take charge of the fixture, provided they are qualified to officiate the match in question.
  2. In the event the appointed Referee is late on arrival, then the replacement Match Official will take charge of the fixture until the appointed Referee is ready to take over.
  3. In circumstances where only one Assistant Referee has been appointed, the home team is requested to provide a Club Assistant to assist the Match Referee.  If necessary, the away Club may be asked to provide an Assistant. However, the game cannot start without two Assistants if the Referee requests them.
  4. In circumstances where no Assistant Referees have been appointed, the home team is requested to provide two Club Assistants to assist the Referee.  If necessary, the away club may be asked to provide an Assistant.  Please note, the game should not start without 2 Assistants, however, this decision will be at the Referee’s discretion.
  5. If non-attendance of a match official means that a match official under the age of 18 is the only match official, then that match official is not permitted to officiate in that match without Football Brisbane permission.

11.2 Unavailability of Match Official

  1. In the event no registered Match Official is present to take charge of the fixture, then the designated “Home” club shall appoint a Match Official to take charge of the fixture.
  2. This Match Official has the same powers as a registered Match Official.
  3. Once a game has commenced, neither team can change their agreement to the appointed Match Official.

Senior Competitions

If the home team is unable to provide a Match Official, the away team may provide the Match Official.  If neither team is able to provide a Match Official, they may choose to postpone the match.  This should be advised to Football Brisbane as soon as possible.  Both teams must agree within five (5) working days on a date for the rescheduling of the match and advise Football Brisbane.  If a reschedule is not agreed upon within this time, a 0-0 draw may be recorded as the result of the match.  Football Brisbane reserves the right to reschedule the match.

Junior Competitions

All clubs are obligated to fulfil all fixtures regardless of whether a Match Official is present to take charge.

Should any club fail or refuse to participate in any fixture on the above grounds, then the following will apply:

  • The match will be recorded as a 3-0 win in favour of the opposing team, and the points will be awardedto the opposing team;
  • The club will be fined per offence, and will be subject to further disciplinary action
  • In the event both teams refuse to play, Football Brisbane reserves the right to award a NO RESULT, fine both clubs and recommend further disciplinary action.

Club Referees

If you are keen to join our list of in-house member referees you must be 12 years old or above and must have completed the online laws of the game course at a minimum.

Please contact for more information.