Dear Dad

Dear Dad


Do you know that I almost cry of rage when you jumped on the pitch to yell at the referee? I have never seen you like that before. Maybe, you were right that the referee was wrong. Even if I lost the game “because of the referee” like you said; you know…

I had very good fun. Try to understand, daddy, that everything I want is playing.

Let me play without telling me your advice like “give the ball”, “kick” or “press”! I know you know soccer, and you want to help me to be better, but instead, it makes me feel nervous.

By the way, Daddy, don’t get angry, when the coach replaces me during the game. I am also having fun watching my friend playing. We have a lot of players, and everyone needs to play.

And show me as well, how I clean my boots, or I get dressed. I need to do it myself. Let me take my sports bag. I like when people see that I am playing soccer.

Daddy, please, don’t tell Mum today ‘We lost”, or We won”. Tell her instead that, I had good fun, that’s all.

Don’t say that I need to get better doing this and that; I am trying my best daddy.

And when I score, don’t tell we won because of it. It is not true. I scored because my teammate gave me a great pass. Our goalkeeper saved everything, and all the team did very well. That’s why we won (that’s what the coach said to us)!

Don’t get angry as well, if I am writing all of this things. I know you can understand.

We should get prepared, we need to go to the game. The team is counting on me. The coach wants us to be on time because, as he said, “we are a team and we need to respect each other by arriving on time to start”. I also want to see my friends before the game and warm-up with the team.

I want you to come too! The team is a bit anxious because we will play a very good team. You know them because this is the same team we lost 4-1 when you tried to tell me to do this or that whereas the coach asks us to try to replicate what he did at training. They have a very good striker, and I will be a defender today because I need to learn how to defend too. It will help the team if I play striker again next time. We can win, the team has trained very well on Wednesday. I want you to support us, cheer us and clap when you see something great! If the other side is winning, be happy for them. They can win as well.

They are kids like me.

I will be fine you know! I don’t know if we are going to win, but I am sure I am going to enjoy the game because I love soccer.

Dad, thanks for letting me play soccer.

I love you Dad.

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