Cancellations of Training Sessions

There will be NO training cancellations without the approval of the Technical Director.

Cancellations due to weather will be announced on the website in accordance with our Wet Weather Protocol.

If coaches are unable to take sessions they MUST notify the office as early as possible – 48 hours notice unless due to sickness in which case as early as possible – so that arrangements can be made to cover any absences and lock-up duties (see below).

Under NO circumstances are coaches to cancel training sessions.

Training Times and Location

All coaches MUST adhere to the Training Schedule with regards to the training times and the location of training.

Any changes to this Schedule MUST be approved by the Technical Director.  This ensures that our Training Schedule is controlled, updated centrally and provides an accurate source of information for Coaches, Parents, Players, Managers and Admin alike.

Co-ordinating a Schedule is not easy and one change can have an adverse effect on other training sessions and/or field maintenance.

The Training Schedule can be found on our website Home Page.

This Schedule represents the approved times and locations.

Please contact the:

Technical Director

or our

Sports Administrator

if you have any questions or wish to raise any concerns with regards to the above.