Welcome to our Managers who have a special role within our Club.

Who are our Managers and what do they do?

  • Volunteers
    • Managers are not paid and have no ‘official’ status in the Club
    • Managers are usually parents or guardians of one of the players on the team
    • Managers give up their personal time to assist the Club and their Team in this role
  • No Game Day Influence
    • Managers do not choose team positions unless in the planned or unforeseen absence/delay of a Coach when the Manager may fill in and coach the team as needed
    • Team Managers will also record the timings for substitutions and endeavour to ensure that all players get a fair go on the park each week although some coaches will carry out this role by prior agreement with the Manager
  • Communicators
    • Get the team involved – putting out flags, cones, goals for training/games when needed
    • Liaising with the coach re injuries, calling an ambulance as required
    • Getting help from others if ice and/or defibrillator is needed


The main duty of a Manager is to keep the team organised and support the Coach which includes:

  • Keeping a central record of players names and contact details
  • Communicating timely and accurate information so that players/parents/guardians:
    • know when the team is training
    • know where the team is training
    • know what time the team is training
    • know when they are playing
    • where they are playing
    • what time they are playing
    • what time they should arrive
    • ensure the team can be fielded each week
    • what they should wear/bring to the game
    • providing fruit roster and/or uniform washing schedules for the team
    • wash, fill and bring water bottles to the games (FQ Academy/NPL/FQPL only)
    • nominate a ground official (being another parent) where applicable
    • communicate the Clubs Weather Protocol
    • know when photos are being taken
    • are advised of Carnival/Friendlies plans
    • co-ordinate and nominate team members for volunteer roster duty
    • communicate club information as required
  • Be available to listen to parents’ concerns and relay these, as appropriate, to the Coach or the appropriate Club Representative
  • Be a cheerleader for the players!

To help Managers with organisation and communication, the Club is encouraging the use of the Hawks Team App.  This App provides a platform through which the Manager can easily organise the Team, issue announcements, and create a Team Calendar.  It also provides a quick means of communication to all members from club administration or executives.

Apart from the main organisational usage, you can also use the App for lots of fun stuff – to create player profiles, upload photos and videos and even offer live score updates to players families who are unable to attend the game!

Managers should read and communicate our Weather Protocol to their Team:

Weather Protocol

Whilst it is likely that most Managers will centrally communicate changes to, and cancellations of, training and games to the Team it is important that Coaches, Players, Parents and Guardians understand the Weather Protocol and ensure they check the Clubs website before leaving for training/games.

We would also refer Managers to the Club’s Code of Behaviour:

Codes Of Behaviour

How can Players/Parents and Guardians help the Manager?

  • Read the above information.
  • Become familiar with the Manager’s role.
  • Recognise that your Manager is there to help the Coach and keep the Team running smoothly.
  • Remember that your Manager is a volunteer, ‘has a life’ and makes mistakes every now and then.  Be respectful and considerate.
  • Read all Manager communications carefully.  Ensure you know where you are supposed to be and what is required of you.  Do not ‘speed read’ information or assume you understand them, read all communications in detail and ask questions if you are not sure what is being asked of you.
  • Advise the Manager, well in advance, if a player is unavailable for a game to allow a plan for the team to arrange substitute players.  If the Manager does not hear from you he/she will assume you are playing!
  • Advise the Manager if a player is unavailable for training.
  • Ensure a player arrives at training or a game with the correct training/playing kit (shin-pads are a must!), sunscreen, hat, water and snacks as required.