Equipment – Roles and Responsibilities

Equipment roles and responsibilities are put in place to ensure that Hawks property is kept in tip-top condition, is not stolen or damaged and to ensure that training and game sessions run smoothly and safely.  Damaged/lost equipment has to be replaced which is another expense to the club.

The Hawks are now using fields at Whites Hill College, as well as our main Whites Hill Reserve Facility.  The use of these fields is agreed to, in writing, in the form of a Service Agreement under which we have responsibilities we must adhere to.

We ask that you take your role and responsibility seriously.

Not doing so leads to frustration, confusion and in the worst case scenario, theft or damage.


All Coaches will be advised what set-up they might need to do at each training session or game. 

This might include bringing out the correct goals for the age-group game or setting-up flags and cones.

For some Coaches, it will be ensuring that the correct floodlights are switched on at training.

  • If you have been given this duty please ensure you are comfortable with what is being asked of you.
  • Please ensure you remember to arrive early, as necessary to carry out this duty.
  • Please ensure you bring your keys, as required or know how to gain access to them.
  • If you are absent, please arrange for the Manager or a fellow Team Parent to carry out this role on your behalf.


It is important that we ensure our fields, sheds, clubhouses, and equipment from damage, loss, and theft.

We must ensure our lights are switched off (both on and off the field) and our toilets and equipment sheds are locked up at the end of training each night and on game day.  We have also arranged with Whites Hill College that Gate 5 will be closed and locked each evening after training.

The responsibility of this rests with the Coach of the final session at each location, Whites Hill Reserve, and Whites Hill College – training and game days.

Please do not leave your keys at home or leave the fields before you have checked your location is locked-up safely.  Do not assume others will carry out this role on your behalf.

The Training Schedule can be found on our website Home Page.

This Schedule represents the approved times and locations.