Club Annual General Meeting (AGM)

May 30, 2022

Our 2022 AGM will be held in our clubhouse on Thursday 30 June 2022 at 6pm.

We invite all club members to attend.  So that we can keep an eye on numbers, could you please RSVP to by Friday 24/6/22.

The AGM gives us an opportunity to:

  1. present and adopt the Club’s 2021 Financial Statement and Audit Report
  2. elect management committee members for 2022/23
  3. appoint an auditor for 2022
  4. present the TD, Treasurer and President’s Report for 2022/23


Committee Nominations

All current Committee Members must retire each year and new nominations are sought from current club members for July 2022 to June 2023 for President, Vice President, Treasurer and 2 further positions.  All nominations must be:

  1. in writing; and
  2. signed by the candidate and the members who nominated them; and
  3. received by the secretary at least 14 days before the general meeting at which the election is to be held.

HP Hawks Committee Nomination Form 2022

Why join the Team?

Whilst nominating to volunteer on our Committee may seem a big ask in our already busy lives it is an important and highly rewarding role and one which must be carried out by the Club as part of our Governance requirements. Being on the Committee offers you a way to get involved in the running of the club and gives you an insight into the club financials, the legal and governing compliance requirements and the footballing landscape at our club, in our state and nationally,  it also allows you to be involved in the future direction/strategy of the whole club.  La Trobe University researched the idea of the value of a community football club (albeit a different football code) which gives a good overview of the rewarding nature of being involved in a club:


Many members consider joining, but are concerned about the time commitment, or that they ‘don’t know what to do’, or that someone else will do it.  We have worked extremely hard over the last 2 years to bring down the time requirement of each committee member and yes, whilst it remains a big commitment we like to make it rewarding and fun at the same time.  None of us knew what to do either, but we support each other along the way and if we all think someone else will put up their hand then inevitably no one does!  Committee Members receive no compensation, nor any favours, but are in this to build the club for the future and to provide the best experience we can for all our members whether they are 4, 55, love to simply play with their buddies or are planning to be the next Ronaldo.

3 of our current Committee no longer have children at the club.  Whilst this does not mean we need to jump ship, we are keen to hand over the reins to new members with new drive and ideas to take the club forward for the next 3-5 years.  We are happy to continue in our roles and bring in new members as ‘2ICs’ to work with us to learn the ropes and we will agree a period of handover with each new member as suits.  We are also keen to set-up Sub-Committees to help with sponsorship, volunteers, fund-raising, SS4H, facility improvement, female football and uniforms if you prefer a ‘lighter’, more-focused option.

If you are keen, but have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact