In-house Referee

Holland Park Hawks provides in-house referees, when we have the resources, for all games ages U8 – U11 and U12 and older if Football Queensland are unable to provide a ref.

To referee a U8 – U11 match for Holland Park Hawks, you must be at least 12 years old and have completed The Laws of the Game (LOTG) online course. The Laws of the Game can be found here:  Laws of the Game | Play Football

Football Queensland Referee


To referee a U12 or older match, you must be at least 13 years old, one year older than the age group of the game (for example, must be playing in U15 to referee a U14 match), completed the Laws of the Game and completed the Level 4 Theory course.

Once you have completed the LOTG, send a copy of your certificate proving completion to  We will add you to the email distribution list of all in-house referees.

Each week will send you a sign-on link which lists of all games that require an in-house referee and you are free to select any games you wish.  We do ask that you limit the number of games you ref in a weekend to 3,

NB: U13+ referees are required to maintain scores, yellow and red cards, and submit results