Exciting new developments in the world of referees for 2020

Following the release of the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan for football in Queensland, Football Queensland (FQ) has outlined a focus on improving recruitment and retention of referees in the state.  They have already announced a number of new referee initiatives that will be implemented to improve the matchday experience for match officials at all levels of the game.  Referees also have access to a new website and lower costs have been introduced to encourage the registration of new first-year referees.

  • Website: Referees
  • First-Year Registration Fees ($59 juniors / $98.50 seniors) now include the referee kit as follows:
    • First-year registration pack (teal shirt, shorts, socks, flags, cards, book, and whistle)
    • Pink armband (if you are under 18)

Do you have what it takes?

  • If you are keen to become a referee (over 13s only) please refer to the following information:

How to become a referee

  • Still keen?   Then sign up for a course.  Courses are now open for registration:

2020 Referee Courses

Become a referee for free – an incentive for Hawks FC Players/Members

Becoming a referee is a great way to earn some pocket money whilst staying fit and active and learning more about the game from the perspective of a referee.

Not all games are automatically supplied referees by Football Brisbane or Football Queensland and in this instance, clubs have to field their own ‘in-house’ referees to run these games.  Last year we had a pool of around 13 youth players and we would like to expand on this for 2020.   Games take place on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Holland Park Hawks FC will reimburse 100% of the first-year referee fees (course and registration costs) to all Holland Park Hawks FC players and their families once the following criteria have been met:

  1. Proof of purchase/payment submitted to the club as follows:
    • $50 for the entry-level course (both juniors and seniors)
    • $59 for first-year junior registration
    • $98.50 for first-year senior registration
  2. Course completion certificate submitted to the club
  3. Completion of 8 in-house games for first-year junior referees and 12 games for first-year senior referees during the 2020 season.  NB: all in-house referees are contacted in advance to register for weekend refereeing duties

Referee Pathways

Referees are vital to the success of football with an increasing focus on referee pathways.

Referee Pathways

Let us know as soon as you have completed your course via office@hphawksfc.com.au and we look forward to seeing you in your new teal referee shirt on our fields soon!