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Aldi Mini-Roos can be found at 8am on field 1 at Whites Hill Reserve.

This field is fenced so parents feel free to stand in the shade of the clubhouse and watch with a coffee!

See our Aldi Mini-Roos page for further details:

ALDI Mini-Roos


PS – You may find that your child does not take to the sessions straight away and that it all feels a little chaotic and stressful in the first week.  Stay positive, give them encouragement and ensure there is no anxiety or obligation to join in immediately each session.  It can take 3-4 weeks before your child (and you) settles into the programme, this is normal.  If you need to hold their hands and join in to start off with feel free to do so although we usually find that left to their own devices (and watched from a distance) the children are often less ‘clingy’ and get involved more quickly.