Are your muscles sore after training?

Do you want to increase your potential performance?

We are thrilled to announce that 2XU has partnered with our club to offer a 25% discount on RRP to all members on their compression wear.

Ordering Details

  1. Please complete all input columns (in green) on the order form
  2. We will be ordering in bulk from 2XU on 31st July 2019
  3. Depending upon interest from Club Members we will look to make new bulk orders on a regular basis TBD
  4. All orders to be completed and sent by email to (or hand them into the office Mon-Fri 10am and 3pm) by 31st JULY 2019
  5. Payments of orders to be made in full by this date (refer to order form for details)
  6. Orders are expected to arrive within 5-10 days of it being placed with 2XU
  7. Orders will be delivered to the office and arrangements for collection will be emailed to members and will include Saturday morning pick-ups from the club
  8. No change of mind refunds will be issued after the order has been placed with 2XU
  9. Please be careful when ordering sizes, refer to the 2XU sizing guide
  10. Refunds will be issued if the item is not in stock, the office will arrange

Compression is medically proven and is why the AIS and leading sporting bodies choose to wear it as part of their training, performance and recovery regime.

Compression increases blood flow (tights improve blood flow by 18% to the quads),  providing fresh nutrients to muscles while cleaning out lactic acid out of the system quicker. Increased blood flow through compression helps reduce heart rate and regulate the body’s temperature. Compression also helps support the muscles during exercise and the AIS have seen a 47%  reduction in leg soreness (DOMS – delayed onset of muscle soreness) in their athletes the day after exercise.