Please click on the below for your full 2019 season in-house fixtures.  Games start this Saturday.

U6 inhouse

U7 inhouse

U8 inhouse

U9 inhouse

Aldi Mini-Roos (3-5 years old) – Field 1 at 8am every Saturday morning.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.


Uncollected playing jerseys (included in the fee for U6, U7, U8, and U9) will be available for collection on Saturday morning from 8am along with socks, shorts, training jerseys and shinpads.  The BootStall will also be open for business.

Aldi Mini-Roos kitbags – we will hand these out once we have received all of them which should be in 2-3 weeks at the most.

2019 Registration Process

We apologise for any angst caused re team changes and communications.

The new FFA registration system has had us on the back foot for weeks.  With over 800 members across the QPL/SAP/Divisional/Junior/Over35s and City Competitions, we have had to field an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails in an attempt to register players, each registration query taking over 10 minutes to work through.  We have had to take many payments in person, over the phone, or by bank transfer which has also led to significant additional admin work in the background.

We had asked for junior player requests to be made in the registration system.  We picked up some of these in time for Muster Day but, following feedback on Muster Day, and after further investigation, we realised that the report we had used was not complete.  This meant that we had to shift teams around again.  In hindsight, maybe we should have left them alone but we wanted to ensure the entire season was a success, not just Muster Day, so we made the decision to accommodate as many requests as we could.

We realise that we have somewhat ‘shot ourselves in the foot’ by trying to do this and by working hard to create a great experience for the players on Muster Day as these team changes are now felt more deeply as the players have already met and had some fun together.

We have taken all your feedback on board.  We will ensure that we document policies and procedures for next year.  We will work with the FFA to ensure that they can bring the registration up to speed and create a smoother experience next year.

We have been working really hard to ensure the smoothest start to the season and we are disappointed that we may have lost goodwill with team changes and not being able to respond to phone calls and emails.  We ask that you bear with us, use the training sessions to get to know your teams and enjoy the season.

We sincerely want to make our Junior Program the best it can be.

Thank you for your understanding.